Time certainly does fly, it doesn’t seem five minutes since I was doing the renewal letters for this year and here I am doing them for next year! You will see from the renewal form that we have held all the membership prices at the same level, trial entries will also remain the same as this year. Please don’t forget to complete your name and address details on the form! As soon as I receive your form and payment I will issue the ACU code that you need to renew your licence by email (or letter if you don’t use email), and then send out your membership cards and key, the lock will be changed at the trial on 22nd January.

The presentation of 2016 awards will take place before the start of the trial on 5th February, winners will be notified beforehand.

We will be running our usual trials in 2017 including a round of the East Midland Centre adult and youth championships at out trial on 22nd January (please don’t be put off attending this trial it will be set out as usual, we may just get a few extra riders). Please support the Centre championship which this year will be run over six rounds spread throughout the year. The championship dates are:

8th January 2017 – Lincoln Motorcycle and Car Club

22nd January 2017 – Earl Shilton Trials Club Ltd

29th January 2017 – Sheffield and Hallamshire

8th October 2017 – Sutton Falcons

26th November 2017 – Lincoln Motorcycle and Car Club

10th December 2017 – Mansfield Maun


The club has had another good year, with many new members, and our trials have been well supported. A big thank you to everyone who plays their part in the smooth running of the trials, setting out and observing (without you the trials wouldn’t run). Many people feel nervous when they come along to observe but then find that once they get started it is nowhere near as daunting as they expected and many report back that they have enjoyed the day, seeing the different riding styles and what is possible with a little practice!!


As you will have seen the groundworks plans are starting to come together we have made a start on shoring up the existing hill and have had to barrier off an area to allow the soil to compact down before we can ride on it, if we don’t do this the new soil will just wash out. Once this area is ready to ride on we will remove the barrier and move along. On the “new” ground there has been a lot of clearing out and new soil brought in and work is progressing well. We would like to stress that at present there is no fence around the lake so we need you to avoid riding in this area, the fence will be erected when all the clearing around the lake edge is completed as obviously, it can’t be done whilst the machinery still needs to get there.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.




Infosystems 2 Day Charity Trial on 2/3 July 2016

The year is flying by and all of a sudden the 2 day is just over a week away.  The trial will start at 4.30pm on the Saturday and 10.30am on the Sunday.  Volunteers are always welcome to help with setting up before and clearing away after the event, we also need someone to run the conducted route at this trial as unfortunately Max is now unavailable.

We will be raising money again this year for the East Midlands Air Ambulance with slightly higher than usual entry fees and a bit of “tin rattling” so please bring your wallets with you!!  There is an entry form on the website.  We will also be holding a raffle so if anyone is willing to donate a prize please bring it along to the signing on tent.  Tickets will be on sale Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning with the draw taking place on Sunday afternoon.

Camping will be available on the Saturday night as usual (the field will be open from lunchtime on Saturday but there will be no riding before the trial starts).  There will be toilets on site but no running water.

Anita’s burger van will be on site from mid-afternoon on Saturday, with breakfast being served on Sunday morning. 

We are very lucky that the farmer lets us use this field and we ask you to respect the ground and leave it in the state that you find it taking all of your rubbish with you (if you need some rubbish bags please ask).    




Thank you to everyone that contacts me about the gate being left open, the lock missing and non-members riding on the site.  We need all members to be vigilant and always lock the gate when they enter and leave DO NOT leave the lock anywhere other than attached to the bar as it goes missing and they are expensive to replace. As you know the farmer does sometimes need access to the site to get to his fields and move the cows and there are times when he is working that it is easier for him to leave the gate open to be able to get in and out (the bar will be locked on the gate), he then locks up at the end of the day.  I would still ask you all to lock the gate when you enter and leave but don’t be surprised if you find it open again if he is working nearby.  If we don’t know that the lock is missing, we can’t replace it and then it is too easy for fly-tippers and non-members to get in so please continue to let me or Andrew know as soon as possible if you find it is not there.       

We will be looking at getting a working party together sometime in the near future to try and get rid of any rubbish that has been dumped around the ground, if anyone is willing to give a little time to help with this please contact me at the usual email address.

Some of the demolition work has started at the ground and we are just waiting for the final council permissions to come through to allow us to continue with the process in the meantime we are sourcing materials that will be used to complete the build so you may notice new rocks and concrete blocks arriving and being stored, they will be moved into position once the soil is on site.  If you would like any more information on what is happening or how you can get involved, please ask.


We feel that we need to have a bit of a tidy up at the ground and get rid of any rubbish that has been dumped.  If anyone is prepared to give up a bit of time to help it would really be appreciated, we could arrange a day.  If everyone picked up a bit of rubbish and took it with them to bin it when they finish riding it would help.  Obviously there is some rubbish that has been fly tipped that we need to dispose of, if there is anyone who can help with this please let us know.


We are currently trying to arrange a first aid course for members, the club is willing to pay for this in exchange for those who take part being prepared to offer first aid at the ground if it is ever needed.  If you would like to take part in the training, please drop me a quick email or call.


ESTC have been asked if we can provide some observers/assistants for the world trial on the weekend of 16/17 July 2016, if anyone is interested in helping please give me a call for more details.