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Well done to Dan Tuley, winner of the Flintlock Trial

The Vintage Taverners Trials Club will be running a trial at the ground on Sunday 28th December anyone wanting details should contact Mark McEvoy on 07973 142440 or Roger Monk on 01509 412662

Rules regarding gates

We would like to ask that members ALWAYS lock the gates when entering and leaving the ground, under no circumstances should they be left unlocked even if you find them unlocked. All other rules regarding parking and riding remain the same. 


I have spoken with Darren (our neighour at the ground) today and he does have concerns about the number of bikes and vehicles that are obviously using his land, he is aware that some pitbikes and motocross bikes have been on there claiming to have his permission but they don't and neither do we!  Darren will be photographing anyone that he sees on his land and passing these pictures to us in the first intance so that we can take action against any members caught, if this doesn't improve the situation he will take action against anyone he feels to be trespassing.  We are sending out a  newsletter confirming the situation - if you are in any doubt please ask.